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COLLECT enables you to inform an art loving public of your exhibitions, auctions, fairs, lectures, taxations and other events. It also increases the visibility of your organization and/or expertise.

Print information


Published by: Kunst & Antiek Journaal

Circulation: 20.000 issues

Printing process: Offset Papier: 100 grs. maco satiné (inside) 250 grs. maco satiné (cover)

Format: 220 x 294 mm (w x h)

Printed area: 200 x 274 mm (w x h)

Periodicity: nine issues per year: 1 February, 1 March, 1April, 1 May, 1 June (Summer edition: June-July-August), 1 September, 1 October, 1 November and 1 December (Winter edition: December-January).

Price list

Contract reduction

One year contract with 3 insertions or more: -5 %

One year contract with 5 insertions or more: -10 %

One year contract with 7 insertions or more: -15 %

One year contract with 9 insertions or more: -20 %

Contract period: one year. Contracts can be entered into on any chosen date.


Preferences of place

cover II: € 2.400

cover III: € 2.400

cover IV: € 2.600

(prices VAT excl.)


Page ‘Adresses & websites’

1 insertion: € 45

Year contract (9 insertions): € 340

(prices VAT excl.)


Flyers and other leaflets: prices on demand


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Questions about advertising

Joris van Glabbeek helps you with all questions regarding the possibilities of advertising in COLLECT.

He can be reached on collect.net@ips.be  or
0032 (0)9 216 20 24

Submitting material

Send your material to the following address: collect.net@ips.be
Phone: 0032 (0)9 216 20 24

Deadline: the first week of the month before publication.

We work exclusively with Certified PDF's according to the Medibel standards. We advise you to send us a professional colour print to avoid colour differences.

Examples of advertisements

1/1 page

1/2 page vertical

1/2 page horizontal:

1/3 page vertical:

1/3 page horizontal:

1/4 page vertical:

1/4 page horizontal:

1/6 page:

1/8 page horizontal:

1/8 page vertical: